A Matrimonial Murder


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?The book is a sumptuous Gujarati wedding thali? served up with the tanginess of sharp characterisation, and the mirchi of murder?? – Ratna Pathak Shah, Indian actress and director ?A wonderful new addition to our cannon of Indian Mystery writers ..Meeti Shroff tells a great twisted tale with acute observations about the people & world she inhabits??. Lillete Dubey, Actor & Theatre Director ?One of the funniest, heartfelt mysteries of the year. Meeti Shroff-Shah?s gift for social satire mixed with humor and suspense makes Radhi?s investigation of elite matchmaking in Mumbai an utter delight.’ ?Sujata Massey, author of the award-winning Perveen Mistry Series ?A Matrimonial Murder takes us on wicked jaunt through the world of modern Indian matchmaking?.A gentle mystery with a murderous heart.? ~ Vaseem Khan, author of the award-winning Malabar House Series The thrilling second book in the Temple Hill Mystery series! A Matrimonial Murder takes us back to the bustling Temple Hill neighbourhood of Mumbai where fat-cat businessmen conduct high-powered deals while their pampered wives toil behind the scenes, leveraging gossip and innuendo. Sarla Seth, the owner of the most prestigious matrimonial bureau in town, has been receiving threatening messages. In her thirty years of matchmaking, she’s left behind a few unhappy clients and jealous competitors, though surely none of them would wish her actual harm? But when an employee is found murdered in the office, a shocked Sarla is forced to admit that things at her beloved Soul Harmony may not be that harmonious after all. Award-winning novelist Radhi Zaveri is at Soul Harmony researching a book on arranged marriages when she stumbles upon the body of the murdered woman and gets caught up in the drama that unfolds. While the police begin their investigation, Radhi’s conversations with staff and clients give rise to worrying questions. As she hunts for answers, Radhi consults astrologers, goes on arranged dates and discovers that marriage on Temple Hill is deadly serious business.

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