A Road Map To Longevity: Debunking Myths About Healthy Living

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The United Nations estimates that there will be more than twenty-five million centenarians by 2100. And there is ample research to prove that we have it within us to live a happy and healthy life beyond a hundred without giving up on the good life. But healthy ageing is not a one-size- fits-all type of deal; there is no silver bullet. Through various case studies, his life experiences and intense research renowned life coach Mario Sequeira busts many popular myths about diets and diseases, and helps us realize that old age need not be the way most of us see it today. A Road Map to Longevity is a blueprint to understand the world’s oldest supercomputer: your body. It aquaints you with the chief alchemist: your mind. And helps you touch base with your spiritual DNA. It will help you discover the potential of food as medicine, the power of positive thinking and the impact of purposeful living. This book will help you make important lifestyle changes to improve longevity. After all, in the long run, no amount of wealth can make a sick man happy. This book is your best shot at longevity.

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