Adventures of Sherlock Homes : Om Illustrated Classics

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In this collection of short stories, Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson go around London solving the queerest of cases. We see Holmes using his sharp, well honed sense of observation coupled with his unerring instinct. It is an ability which utterly amazes and impresses Dr. Watson. In The Red-Headed League, we see them solving the purpose of a dubious organization for red headed men. In The Speckled Band a young woman finds out how her twin sister was killed, the meaning behind her strange dying words and an escape from a life of great terror. The Boscombe Valley Mystery sees Holmes rescuing a falsely accused young man, while in The Blue Carbuncle he helps a trapped simpleton find justice. Indulge in a series of scintillating tales of pure factual genlus. This compilation of stories combines the brilliance of observation and calculation unique to Sherlock Holmes.

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