Daddy Long Legs : Om Illustrated Classics

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Jerusha Abbott at 18 years is the eldest orphan at John Grier Homeorphanage. All petty responsibilities of the kids at the orphanage reston her tender shoulders. One fine day, her mundane life undergoesa surprising change when an unknown trustee of the orphanageoffers to pay for her college education as he is very impressed byone of her essays! He promises her a liberal monthly allowanceand insists on being anonymous. His only condition is that Jerushashould send him monthly letters and keep him posted about her lifein college, but not to expect any replies from him.What follows is an insight into Jerusha???s unexplored, fascinating worldof college life through the letters that she writes to her unknownbenefactor. She addresses him adoringly as ???Daddy-Long-Legs?ѝ asshe had seen his long shadow once while he was leaving the asylum.She shares a love???hate???anger???gratitude relationship with him.Finally, at the end of the story, the identity of Daddy-Long-Legs isrevealed. Is her godfather someone familiar or a total stranger?

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