Democracy in Peril : Donald Trump’s America

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“In Trump’s America, democracy is under siege, institutions are threatened and demeaned every day by the White House and in tweets from a seemingly unhinged and unstable President of the United States. India and the world have learned to expect the unexpected from this former casino builder and reality TV star who runs the U.S. government the way an executive producer scripts a reality show. But at the same time, we now see a nation tearing itself apart. The United States is riven by anger and fear, while its president continues to be an impulsive and aggressive man. In this searing account, expatriate journalist Alan Friedman examines the real America through the mouths of its citizens. Friedman tells a vivid story of terrible inequality – from the excesses of Wall Street to the rising poverty in the United States – and explores issues, from racism and gun control to Obamacare, that have polarized a nation. Friedman paints a dark and provocative portrait of Trump’s America, and in a specially written Introduction, examines the similarities and differences between Trump and Modi, and opines that both leaders represent a dangerous trend toward illiberal democracy, fewer freedoms, and an authoritarian approach to governing.”

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