Don’t Sell Make them Buy : Upgrade Your Selling Skills

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A must-read for all those looking to be successful in selling and negotiating. Selling is a skill. Salespeople must learn to be flexible and focus on skill development rather than making sales a step-by-step process or a tool. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the task, and rigid and scripted interactions are likely to put off the customer. Selling skills need to keep pace with consumerism traits. Salespeople have to understand consumer needs better and build relationships with customers faster, more so in the post-Covid world. In Don?t Sell, Make Them Buy, R. Mukund, an industry expert who has spent over twenty years in sales and customer service training, helps readers understand human interactions from a salesperson?s perspective. Every sales call, he says, is a challenge to test a salesperson?s skills.With his vast range of experience, he provides effective strategies to make selling to customers an enjoyable and easy experience. The extensive case studies and real-life sales situations the author narrates are guaranteed to help readers develop unique methods to sharpen their selling skills.This is an essential guide for all those keen on creating long-lasting relationships with their customers as well as experts looking to upskill their selling and negotiating skills.

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