Enchanting Indian Tales

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Five magical stories around a young girl called Megha and her relationship with a tree. This is no ordinary tree but a Kalpavrisksha, a wish-fulfilling tree, for through this tree Megha meets not only our gods and goddesses, but also many celestial beings. A number of birds come to this tree to talk to Megha and she discovers their histories and habitats. The tree narrates mythical stories of Krishna and the Buddha, of Savitri and the Salabhanjika. A magic parrot flies in the sky and takes Megha to pilgrimages all over India. As Megha befriends the tree, many stories unfold and when the wind blows through this tree, it resonates with gods and heavenly beings, and speaks to us of the many narratives of our tradition and as our journey ends, we drink the sacred waters of our tirthas.

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