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How far is the moon from the Earth? What is it like to live on Mars? When did the “bone Wars” Begin? How can you reduce your “carbon footprint”? What can a robot do? Why is Butter usually Yellow? Why were the first bicycles called boneshakers? What all can you do with a computer? A child’s imagination knows no boundaries. Answer your child’s endless questions – how, why, what and when – with this unique and amazing volume of questions and answers, a set of 12 books that are colourfully illustrated and lucidly explained. The books are unique because they simplify the vast world of Knowledge to satiate the curious minds of six-years-old and above so that they can understand and identify what they learn with the world they live in. The paperback set which is easy to carry keeps the child happily busy – and amazing because of the Rainbow splashes of colour drawings that bring the world and even the space beyond – to life. The child feels clever, smart and definitely empowered at the end of the last volume in the set – rearing to take on the world.

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