Fascinating Tales from Panchatantra (Hindi) : Large Print

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“The Panchatantra is a collection of ancient Indian fables. Many-a-times, the central characters are animals and birds, who show their most identifying characteristics in the various stories, and impart valuable life-lessons and morals. In this book, read a fine selection of six fascinating tales from Panchatantra. Read about the jackal that turned blue, the brave sparrows that punished an elephant, the mouse that became a girl and more!”

These tales feature stories of bravery, wisdom, friendship, loyalty, faith, kindness and many such morally rich themes that can illuminate the minds of children during their formative years, all woven into light and entertaining stories.

Panchtantra: Masti Bhari Kahaniya (Hindi) includes some famous stories such as The Monkey And The Wedge, The Hermit And The Mouse, The Musical Donkey and The Lion And The Jackal. This books makes for a perfect read for the younger readers and it was published by Om Books International in 2008 and is available in hardcover.

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