Fashion Rendering


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“Rendering is very crucial in fashion illustration and many students have trouble in rendering garments. This book solves this problem by being comprehensive and well illustrated. Correct rendering is possible with the use of appropriate mediums and right techniques. Fashion rendering techniques given in this book are simple and quick, and the colour mediums used are easily available in the market. Extensive illustrations have been included for clear understanding and practice. Students, teachers, professionals and illustrators will love this book for its straightforward, easy-tofollow text and step-by-step illustrations. Along with rendering tips, the book contains chapters on fashion presentation and looks. Punk, hippie, and many other interesting looks are included with illustrated examples. How to create mood and to visually connect ideas of popular trends, is shown in the fashion gallery. This book serves as a guide to make accurate, professional, unique illustrations and also assists
in creating one?s own style. It is a perfect inspirational sourcebook for art and fashion industry professionals who are looking to hone their creative and artistic abilities.”

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