King Solomons Mines : Om Illustrated Classics

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King Solomon???s Mines is a story about the adventures of three
men???Allan Quatermain, Sir Henry Curtis and Captain John
Good???who go on a rescue mission to find Sir Henry Curtis???
brother, Neville. Neville is last known to have gone in search of the
fabled King Solomon???s Mines, which is said to be full of riches and
unimaginable valuables. The party retraces the steps of Neville, which
takes them through many dangers, adventures and evil intentions.
Haggard weaves a tale of fantasy and adventure around the search
of a man lost for two years. The exotic land of Africa is coloured
as a dangerous and exciting place. There are instances in the story
where the superiority of the civilised folk manifests itself. However,
the honour and benevolence of the tribal people is highlighted
throughout the book. The story teaches one very important lesson,
which is to keep trying till you succeed.

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