Lakshmila : The Eternal Love Story

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Don’t you question his love for me. I know what it is.When he resides in me how can you say he left me? Nothing can break the bond between two souls who are connected to each other. No matter how long they are apart, no matter what happens, they are always connected.? Urmila Set against the backdrop of the Ramayana, Lakshmila narrates the story of the selfless love between Lakshman and Urmila without whom the Ramayana would have been incomplete. But Lakshmila ? the united entities of Lakhsman and Urmila ? does not tell the world about their sacrifices; instead they speak of their love that becomes the cornerstone of their powerful and supreme sacrifice. Urmila is as important as Lakshman in the story. It lingers on the significant pauses in their relationship, unknown to the world, and gently drives home the unsung truth that the love between Lakshman and Urmila was unusual, divine, subtle and yet potent, carrying across lifetimes. Their love was a silent and selfless commitment, more of a spiritual connection. Lakshmila provides a detailed insight into the ?what, how, when and why? of every incident that took place during the Treta Yug in the Suryavanshi family, based on detailed research from the Valmiki Ramayana, Kamban Ramayana, Puranas and the different versions of the Ramayana.The fictional narrative is set in the context of a retelling of the epic from Lakshman and Urmila?s perspective of the events that went on to build the timeless tale.

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