Meet me at the Border

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Talking of this planet, there are stunningly beautiful places with awesome assets ?each a carefully kept secret ? lands of great beauty enhanced by physical vastness, geographical diversity, historical legacies, cultural richness and distinct people with distinct lifestyles. And Inder Raj Ahluwalia, the indefatigable globetrotter, has covered almost every latitude and longitude that straddles our planet ? from the French Riviera to the Polar Arctic, to Istanbul to Tokyo ? the list is endless. Meet Me At The Border presents unforgettable vistas of nature that include the world?s highest sand dunes just minutes away from endless beaches; the world?s oldest desert; an exceptional variety of wildlife in sanctuaries that are role models in environment preservation; safaris that bond one with nature; a hotel made entirely from ice and snow;
an underground hotel; service that?s an effortless whisper; blazing sunsets melting into lantern-lit romance; cruises that are almost sinful in terms of what they offer; meals that are the envy of royalty; thermal springs that provide instant rejuvenation; festivals
that border on the sublime; people who are still living in the past, and much more. A must-read!

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