The Dialogue of Pyaasa : Guru Dutt’s Immortal Classic

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“Great films come from great writing and the aim of The Dialogue of Pyaasa, Guru Dutt?s Immortal Classic is to preserve in book form the film?s complete dialogue by Abrar Alvi and songs/poems by Sahir Ludhianvi. These are presented in Hindi, Urdu and Romanised scripts. Generously illustrated, the dialogue is
also accompanied by an English translation, introduction and extensive commentary by
Nasreen Munni Kabir. First-rate screenwriter, Abrar Alvi has created superb scenes and subtle lines. Skilled in giving personality to every Pyaasa character, Alvi?s flair for lived-in expression turns Guru Dutt as Vijay or Johnny Walker as Abdul Sattar into real people. Pyaasa?s other excellent writing comes from Sahir Ludhianvi?s sublime songs and poetry. This master Urdu poet has been widely acknowledged for elevating the film song to a poetic form and this is in full evidence in the film. Sahir?sMarxist ideology, brilliant imagination and deep understanding of human emotions are the
soul of Pyaasa. Guru Dutt?s Pyaasa is a stirring example of cinema?s power, enhanced by its marvellous dialogue and songs.”

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