The Ex Factor: New-age Rom-com

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Oindrilla Roy, also known by her friends as Oinks among several other nicknames, is having a lousy week. Cook, maid, driver, all (help) have deserted her. At work, her boss, Hawkeye, is making her life miserable. Her cousin Ankita seems to have got involved in some mess at college and needs her intervention. Her best friend Sweety Chopra is running amok with her own set of shenanigans inadvertently involving Oinks.

It is then that Vivek Rao makes an unexpected entry back into her life. After years. Even before she has had time to get over the previous heartbreak. But somehow, right now, his presence does not seem to be a bad thing. Vivek is still annoying but how did that scrawny-looking thing become this hunk? One to lust for? He also seems to like her even now (maybe). Or maybe not. Nevertheless, Vivek seems to be helping her by being there. With the many issues that haunt Oinks and demand her attention, and given her penchant for saying and doing just the wrong thing at the most inappropriate time, will this renewed contact blossom into something more? Or will it simply fizzle out?

?The perfect beach read, The Ex Factor is just what the doctor prescribed to chase the blues away.?
Kiran Manral, Author

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