The Man in the Iron Mask : Om Illustrated Classics

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Set in medieval France, this story continues the tale of the three
musketeers. Many years after their exploits, the musketeers are wellestablished in society. We see Aramis, who is a bishop now, meeting a prisoner. However, there is no confession to be heard. Aramis is at the root of a conspiracy that could change the course of
French history. The fact that the prisoner is the twin brother
of the King of France has sealed his fate and destined him to spend
the rest of his life in prison. But Aramis has a different plan in
mind. Being one of the few to know the prisoner???s identity, Aramis
conspires to replace the King of France with his twin brother, with
the idea that the prisoner will be a better ruler for France.
How will this plan turn out? Will Aramis succeed? When the other
musketeers find out about the plan what stand will they take? To
find out, read this classic tale of love, politics and loyalty.

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