The Mussoorie Murders

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Mussoorie, 1909. The ghastly murder of Margaret Maynard Liddell in a hotel room locked from the inside shocks the public. Its ripples reach Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling, who can only guess the identity of the killer but never prove it.

Around sixty years later, a wealthy heiress is found similarly murdered in the queen of the hills. The needle of suspicion points to an old housekeeper, an estranged brother, an aloof husband, and a fraud godman and his acolyte, for each of them has a motive to kill her.

Avijit Sikdar, an Oxford-returned detective and a fan of Doyle and Kipling?s writings, gets a whiff of the case and begins his hunt for the elusive killer while trying to piece together the connection between the two crimes.

Join Sikdar and Kipling on this thrilling and page-turning adventure across two timelines as they untangle the mystery of the murder in a locked room.

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