The Originals The Portrait of a Lady

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Her reputation for reading a great deal hung about her like the cloudy envelope of a goddess in an epic.
? The Portrait of a Lady, a novel by well-known American writer, Henry James (1843?1916), was penned in the first stage of his prolific career. Born and brought up in America, James became a naturalized English citizen in 1915. The Portrait of a Lady was published in three volumes in 1881. The story revolves around Isabel Archer, a young, impoverished, and vivacious American woman who journeys to Europe to broaden her horizons. In England, Isobel immerses herself in the cultural scene with gusto and is pursued by many suitors. She finally chooses the reclusive Gilbert Osmond as her husband.
James expertly examines the American national character in The Portrait of a Lady. As in his other memorable works, he grapples with the theme of the clash of the innocence and joy of life of the New World with the cynicism and wisdom of the Old World in this classic.

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