The Swinging Seventies: Stars, Style and Substance in Hindi Cinema

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West had its Swinging Sixties, Hindi cinema had its Seventies. Everything that journalists today call ‘retro’ when referring to Bollywood is a product of the 1970s. But to refer to the decade as ‘swinging’ and ‘retro’ is missing the wood for the trees. The 1970s is the most influential decade of Hindi cinema. Not the 1950s, not the 1960s which unapologetic nostalgists hark back to. In the range and quality that the decade offered in terms of the art and craft of film-making, the music, fashion trends, the coexistence of commercial blockbusters with minimalist arthouse classics – the 1970s had it all. The Swinging Seventies brings together a collection of essays that celebrate the myriad dimensions of this happening decade – the fashion, the music, the different genres of films, the iconic stars, the many moods and memories that have kept the decade alive in our collective consciousness. Put together by two film buffs who swear by the films of the decade – Nirupama Kotru and Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri – and including essays by almost every well-known name writing on Hindi cinema in India today, this is every film aficionado’s gateway to a decade of cinema like no other.

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‘During my years (1973–76) at the film institute, Pune, there was a lot of experimentation going on in commercial cinema in Bombay, and parallel cinema was raring to go. Nirupama and Shantanu’s book gives the reader a lot of insights into this crucial decade in Hindi cinema. I love going back to that period as it energizes me and reminds me of why I, a small- town boy from Kashmir, came to Bombay to make films.’ – Vidhu Vinod Chopra, film-maker



‘Nirupama’s head works for the civil services and her heart for art. She is a huge film buff. In this, book apart from her stories of cinema, she has managed to get the best critics and film-makers to write from the heart. Nirupama and Shantanu’s book celebrates beautiful memories of cinema. Thoroughly enjoyable.’ – Raju Hirani, film-maker



‘Hindi cinema of the 1970s was one of anger and anguish. The heady nation-building romance was waning. Indians felt let down by the midnight promise of a tryst with their destiny. Out of this came great cinema, poetry, songs and storylines. It was the post-golden, pre-rotten decade of movies, writes Varun Grover; the Ritas, Rosys and the Monicas made room for themselves around superhuman heroes and virginal heroines, says Nandini Ramnath; and it was a decade of two Vijays – one invented by Salim–Javed, and then there was Vijay Tendulkar, writes Amborish Roychoudhury. This anthology of essays curated by Nirupama Kotru and Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri captures the churn underway beautifully.’ – Shekhar Gupta, journalist



‘Nirupama and Shantanu bring out a timely anthology of the cinema of the seventies and eighties in India. The collection of essays, reflections and memories is a wonderful bouquet that represents a time passed when so many diverse visions and world-views could coexist in such a democratic manner. Ah, nostalgia!’ – Saeed Mirza, film-maker



‘The 1970s was a very interesting phase of Hindi cinema. There were middle-of-road films, and the flyover films of multi-starrer blockbusters. Nirupama and Shantanu have prepared a cake of the seventies full of cherries for you. I hope you will read the book and keep it too.’ – Gulzar, poet and film-maker

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