Turbulence & Triumph The Modi Years

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Whether a Modi-baiter or Modi bhakt (follower), there is nearconsensus on one fact: that on 26 May 2014, he changed the face of India forever.
Since Independence, India had not seen a Prime Minister like Narendra Damodardas Modi ? a worker so indefatigably driven that much before the completion of his first five years, he had impacted every individual, every institution, every Indian in one way or the other.
The politician, the leader, the orator and the ascetic committed to the idea of a New India, has been composed into a single frame by the authors for a comprehensive experience of a leader who makes compelling political history.
With a collection of photographs that would be a reporter?s dream, Turbulence & Triumph: The Modi Years, the definitive portrait of the Prime Minister who inspires as much fan-frenzy as fear-fury, is engagingly insightful.

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