Wicca : A Magical Journey With Spells and Rituals

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Wicca, a modern-day practice, is one of the fastest-growing belief systems in the Western world, which is now catching up in the East as well. However, there are a lot of misgivings that people have about it. Based on the experiences of the author, Rashme,Wicca:A Magical Journey with Spells and Rituals takes you through the practices she has perfected over a period of time.While providing a succinct introduction to the subject, it also creates an awareness about the world of the Wiccan that will help dispel the myth of a witch being ?evil? and make people realize that the modern-day witch is engaged in working for the highest good. As much a well-written manual on Wicca as it is a chronicle of a wondrous journey, the book will not only make you discover the hidden Wiccan in you, it will also be an appropriate guiding tool.

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