Your Dream Career: How to Choose the OneThat Fulfils You

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A practical roadmap to professional fulfilment.
? Wondering which career is right for you?
? What is stopping you from making that job switch?
? Don?t know how to quieten your inner critic?
Neel dreamt about working with Major League Soccer ever since he was a teenager growing up in California. He became the director of their fan development division in New York, making more money than he thought he would before turning thirty. However, he gave it all up to move to India?a country he was barely acquainted with?to contribute to its sports industry.
Calculated choice or an impulsive decision?
This was anything but impulsive. Neel followed a unique process that made it extremely simple for him to land a new dream job which led to a successful and gratifying career. And he helped many along the way to pursue their dream career by applying this transformative strategy.
Creating a dream career is anything but a dispiriting journey down a bumpy road, it is an exciting adventure into the unknown. Your Dream Career shows you how. Whether you are a university student, young professional or budding entrepreneur, this book provides you the opportunity to experience career bliss, and motivates you to take the necessary steps to get out of your comfort zone and on to a professional pathway aligned with your authentic self.

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