Big Book of Knowledge

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Blast off into the world of space, Science, geography and history. Consisting of over 400+ plus visually beautiful pages, this big Knowledge-based book has been compiled to widen the reader horizon about everything like: How space came into being, how stars planets, stars, moon, asteroids and galaxies and blackholes were born??_ introduction to the world of science from the evolution of modern man to the extinction of species like dinosaurs and the birth of modern Science like artificial intelligence. The geography section which covers 5 major themes, namely, the locations, places, human-environment interactions, movements, and regions. The rich and diverse history of the world???s oldest civilisations and religions and cities. Bite-size information provided in well-designed manner allowing readers to easily consume in-depth information. Text and images have been balanced perfectly to make each page a visual delight. Unparalleled range of genres covered to maximise reader engagement.

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      1500 g
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      Om Books International
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