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Emma is about the life of a beautiful, clever and rich woman of
twenty-one, who lives with her father in their huge estate. The
wealthy, and somewhat spoilt Emma Woodhouse has no interest
in falling in love or getting married, but finds pleasure in trying
to make romantic matches for her friends. After the successful
union of Miss Taylor, her long time governess and friend, with
Mr Weston, she takes young Harriet Smith under her wing, the
next target of her matchmaking schemes.
Mr Knightley, a trusted friend of the Woodhouses, is the only
one who criticizes her and advises whenever necessary, but
the na??ve Emma has a long way to go before she realises the
consequences of her actions as a self-proclaimed matchmaker.
The story follows Emma???s journey through all her meddling
and how she discovers a lot about herself and about an
unrealised love!

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      300 g
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      Om Books International
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