Folktales from Bollywood

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Showbiz friendships turning sour, vacuous vanity that rival the ostentatious vanity vans of the biggest stars, and behind-the- scenes shenanigans ? Priyanka Sinha Jha?s debut collection of stories chronicles the topsy-turvy world of Bollywood folks and their rollercoaster lives. Offering a delectable peek at what lies beneath the pulsating, adrenaline-inducing highs and lows of life in the movies, this darkly funny anthology captures the goings-on in the world of show business, the constant tug- of-war between the most glorious and the deliciously wicked aspects of the beautiful people. Astutely observant and catty, these tales from the kaleidoscopic world that is the dream factory are replete with familiar characters who are figments of imagination … or are they?

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