Modern Indian Short Stories

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This collection, the third volume in the modern Indian short stories series, showcases the best of Indian short fiction. Featuring stories by Gulzar, Kamala Das, pritish nandy, Ajeet Cour, ke ki Daruwalla, vijaydan detha, Amin kamil, sukbir and others, It perfectly encapsulates the diversity of India and the clamour of many voices. Ajeet Cour?s ?happy new year? delves into the inner workings of the bureaucracy and its impact on ordinary people. Kamala das?s ?velutha Babu? is shocking, provocative and deeply philosophical. In ?precaution!,? vijaydan detha showcases his mastery of short fiction, blending animal imagery, mythology and folk elements to lay bare human relationships. Gulzar?s ?dalia? takes an unflinching look at Feudalism and the injustices it unleashes on the powerless. ?The ship of butterflies? by Thomas Joseph is part fantasy, part romance and fairy-tale. Pritish Nandy?s ?M A? is a lyrical examination of the role of faith and family. Amin kamil?s moving story, ?The enigma,? traces the impact of geo-politics on individual lives in Kashmir. Prabhakar machwe?s ?Gul,? relives India?s struggle for independence against colonialism. Sukhbir?s ?a sealed bottle of wine? is a sensitive and incisive study of human nature. Socially relevant, emotionally resonant, and politically astute, these stories are written in various Indian languages as well as English.

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