India Unboxed: 75 Quirky Aspects That Define the Nation

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What does Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar have to do with the origin of our much-loved chaat? ? Did you know that laddus were first used for medicinal purposes? ? What is the Indian garment used as a towel, scarf, bandana, suraksha kavach and cushion seat, and endorsed by Queen Sof?a of Spain and Antonio Banderas? In a society with many fault lines, this book celebrates our glorious past, our quirks and our deep-rooted cultural traditions that unite and define us. While there are many things that divide our country of more than a billion people, our love for baarish, Bollywood and boondi laddus binds us together. Or is it chaat, chai pe charcha and champi? India Unboxed is a salute to our diversity, our unsung heroes and our unapologetic desi way of living. Aspects that will warm your heart, baffle you or simply make you laugh! This stunning illustrated edition written in an engaging style is a heartfelt tribute to an ancient civilization but a nation young at heart. A country on the cusp of becoming a vishwa guru that still epitomizes why ?we are like this only?.

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