Pandit Amarnath: Sangeet-Nama – Maa Se Sur Ka Nata

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Pandit Amarnath made a significant contribution to the Hindustani musical tradition by establishing the Indore Gharana. He was widely acclaimed as the “Musician of Musicians” and performed his art extensively in India and abroad. Pandit ji was honoured with numerous awards for his contributions to Hindustani music. Pandit Amarnath, born in 1924 in Jhang village near Lahore, received his initial music education from Professor B.N. Dutta . Later, he became a disciple of Ustad Amir Khan Sahib. Pandit ji was also a composer of music for theatre and films. Many famous artists have received training from him, including the late Mahendra Sharma, Baldev Raj Verma, Shamsher Singh, Shanti Sharma and Rekha Bhardwaj. The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music,” written by Panditji, is a highly acclaimed book. The book is a dictionary of musical terms and terminology collected throughout his life. Panditji is also the author of Hansa Ke Bain, a collection of 101 poems in Hindi. Nirmal Chawla’s book “Pandit Amarnath: Sangeet-Nama ‘Maa Se Sur Ka Nata'” is a unique example of a daughter-in-law writing the biography of her father-in-law. The book brilliantly describes the life and times of the great artist and provides insight into his music. It also highlights his emotional connection with his mother, who served as his lifelong inspiration.

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