Sleep, Support And Sanity: A Survivor’s Guide to Early Motherhood

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Do you feel like you are neither an early bird nor a night owl but just a permanently exhausted pigeon? Sleep, Support And Sanity is just the friend, philosopher and guide you need to survive motherhood and related crises. Whether you have a newborn or a preteen, this book has practical tips and tricks (yes, you will need plenty of them) for you, the new-age mummy. It also delves deep into issues that many new mothers find difficult to grapple with—how to reclaim loss of self-identity, how to maintain work–life balance, how to achieve mental and physical fitness, how to inculcate good habits in their kids and most importantly, how to spend quality time with their children. The author’s personal, witty and candid chronicle of raising her son does not attempt to make you a perfect mother but a good one. After all, you are not born a mother; you become one. And, as they say, once you sign up to be a parent, 24/7 is the only shift on the offer. Godspeed.

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