Tess of the Durbervilles : Om Illustrated Classics

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Tess Durbeyfield is a simple, sixteen-year-old country girl, forced to work in a nobleman???s family so that her family can make ends meet. But she is forced to leave when her modesty is invaded by Alec d???Urberville. Further tragedy strikes when Tess???s baby dies. Tess leaves home to work in a dairy, where she meets Angel Clare. They fall in love, and marry against Tess???s wishes, whose past still haunts her. When she confesses about her past to Angel, he abandons her to leave for Brazil. Tess lives a hard life, and is forced to marry Alec d???Urberville, who brainwashes Tess that Angel will never return. Angel eventually comes back to Tess, but is too late. Tess murders Alec d???Urberville for destroying her life, and is briefly reunited with Angel till she is captured and executed. As per her last wish, Angel agrees to marry her sister Liza-Lu.

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