The Originals Symposium and Other Dialogues

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So how could he be a god if he is not in possession of beautiful and good things? The six dialogues of Athenian philosopher Plato featured in this book?Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo and Symposium?form the bulk of his thoughts on the eternal questions of human existence. They grapple with the various meanings and complexities of erotic love and platonic love, desire, morality, beauty, virtue, valour, happiness, humankind?s fear of death and illness, loss, and grief. They also dissect the trial and public execution of Plato?s mentor, Socrates, throwing light on Socrates? influential teachings and his personality. In Plato?s dialogues, several characters including Socrates argue a range of topics thoroughly by asking questions of each other and expressing their differing points of view. The dialogues continue to draw readers in because of Plato?s expert use of dramatic elements including generous doses of humour. Both the philosophical content and literary quality of Plato?s dialogues have endeared them to readers across the ages.

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