The Originals The Best of Sherlock Holmes

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You see, but you do not observe.
221B Baker Street is home to the matchless sleuth Sherlock Holmes, who solves the most intriguing, puzzling, and dreadful mysteries along with his competent sidekick and biographer Dr. Watson. Doyle?s Sherlock Holmes stories have been adapted to film, theatre, television, and radio many times over the years and have led to Holmes becoming a British cultural icon.
The Best of Sherlock Holmes contains the finest Sherlock Holmes short stories ever written such as ?The Man with the Twisted Lip?, ?The Adventure of the Bruce- Partington Plans?, and ?The Adventure of Silver Blaze?. It also contains Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?s personal favourites such as ?The Adventure of the Speckled Band?, ?The Red-Headed League?, ?The Final Problem?, and ?The Adventure of the Dancing Men? among many others.
A keepsake edition.

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