The Originals The Odyssey

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Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this.? The Odyssey by Homer is one of the most famous literary works from Greek antiquity. This epic poem, divided into 24 books, tells the tale of the return journey of Odysseus to the island of Ithaca after the Trojan war. The war lasts ten years and Odysseus then has to spend ten more years returning home, overcoming many challenges along the way, including the wrath of Poseidon, God of Earth and Sea. Odysseus is a heroic figure imbued with astute intelligence and unlimited reserves of courage. On his return, he vanquishes his wife?s suitors with the blessings of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War. This triumph of love for home and family over fear and hatred is a common theme in Greek mythology. The Odyssey has resonated with readers across the years and countless re-tellings of the epic in a modern context continue to enthrall both readers and movie-goers.

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