Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen

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With her sophisticated looks,fiery and expressive eyes,strong personality and bearing,Suchita Sen was an instant hit with the youthof Bengal from 1950’s through 1970,s. Uttam Kumar, with his famous smile and charming demeanour, too was a phenomen to reckon with. And together, they were unbeatable romantic pair. Of the 60 films Suchitra Sen worked in, 30 were with Uttam Kumar. The duo gave a string of hits such as Sagarika (1956) Harano Sur(1957), Indrani (1958), Agnipariksha(1954), Saptapadi(1967), All parts of Bengali cinematic history today. Intrestingly, these films are remembered not only as the best of Uttam and Suchitra, but as cinema tha is poignant, sensitive and heart-rendering. The star ushered in what came to be knownas the golden era of Bengali cinema . A whole generation of men and women ,especially from1950’s to the 1970’s grew up on the uttam and Suchitra magic.Coupled with astounding music great scripts,Uttam and Suchitra starrers became simple unbeatable. Uttam and Suchita Sen: Bengali Cinema’s First Couple is a tribute to this unparalleled star-duo of Bengali cinema

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