The Originals Dead Souls

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However stupid a fool?s words may be, they are sometimes enough to confound an intelligent man.? Dead Souls, a satirical novel by Nikolai Gogol, was published in Russian as Myortvye Dushi in 1842.The story of the disgraced landless civil servant, Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov, in this classic paints an incisive portrait of the Russian national character and society of the time. The colourful cast of characters includes thieves, petty officials, landowners, and serfs. Every character and every twist and turn in the novel are brilliantly drawn. The adventures of Chichikov involve social-climbing and a series of desperate attempts to make a fortune. His goal is to get rich, and get rich fast. Gogol mixes life-like elements with larger-than-life dramatic tones with great skill in this superb comedic gem. Brimming with satire, humour, and startling insights into human nature, Dead Souls is a delightful read. This masterpiece remains one of the world?s best picaresque novels of all time.

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